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Chargers Injuries: Mike Williams returns to field after head injury

The star wideout was hurt during a play in the second quarter.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Mike Williams has returned to the field to begin the third quarter.

Mike Williams, the Chargers’ star WR, is heading to the locker room to get checked out after being injured on a play in the second quarter vs the Miami Dolphins. The exact nature of the injury is currently unknown however he was evaluated in the blue tent before then going towards the locker room. According to multiple reports, the WR is being evaluated for a head injury. He was running a release inside when Jerome Baker planted his shoulder through the middle of his chest and sent him flying off his feet. It was deemed legal contact as it was under 5 yards.

With Mike Williams out of contention for now, both Joshua Palmer and Quinten Johnston will likely see more snaps. It was a powerful impact from the Dolphin’s linebacker and if it keeps Williams out for the rest of the game or longer, it would be a big loss for the starting offence as his jump ball ability is hard to replace even with the talented backups the Chargers possess.