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Chargers announced 12 players signed to practice squad

The Chargers have five spots remaining to fill out the rest of their practice squad.

NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers have announced the first 12 players to their practice. With the inclusion of IPP player CJ Okoye, the Chargers will be able to keep 17 total players on the squad, meaning one more than normal.

With these 12, we can deduce that the Chargers are really high on both UDFA pass rushers Brevin Allen and Andrew Farmer. It’s also great to see Zack bailey and Jerrod Clark pass through waivers to land back with the Chargers.

As it stands, there are no extra linebackers on the practice squad and the only cornerback signed thus far is Matt Hankins who wasn’t with the Chargers until halfway through August. With five spaces remaining, expect several more announcement throughout the rest of the day.

Chargers Practice Squad as of 8/30/23

  • EDGE Brevin Allen
  • EDGE Andrew Farmer
  • WR Terrell Bynum
  • DT Jerrod Clark
  • DT Christian Covington
  • DT CJ Okoye
  • OT/G Austen Pleasants
  • TE Hunter Kampmoyer
  • WR Keelan Doss
  • QB Max Duggan
  • CB Matt Hankins
  • OT/G Zack Bailey