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Which Charger has impressed you the most in training camp?

These Chargers have caught the eyes of fans the most in training camp.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, I asked you all to highlight a player you believe has been the most impressive thus far in training camp.

Here are our favorite answers!


I’m going to go outside the box a little bit on offense and say Keenan Allen. Maybe its more the main stream media than locally but everyone seems to kind of be waiting on Keenan to be old and slow down and fall off but he seems to be as healthy and as fast and quick as ever this year. I am really excited to see what he can do in Moore’s offense and he seems to be off to a great start.

on Defense it is isn’t a Suprise to me but it’s Asante Samuel Jr. Not I will say it is hard to grade run defense in camp and hopefully he is improving his angles and tackling. When it comes to pass defense though it seems to me like Staley saying it was an open competition and really putting Samuel behind Ja’Sir Taylor has ensured Asante has kept the pedal down coming off his big game in the playoffs.


Offense - Josh Palmer. He’s making numerous plays daily and at the podium you could hear his work ethic shine through as he discussed the way he trails Keenan around to learn from him and spoke to how some nights he’ll wake-up, get out of bed, and practise a release because it’s in his head and he feels the need to embody it before falling asleep. Looks like Palmer’s not going to step aside lightly in a WR room brimming with talent.

Defense - Morgan Fox. Said this in response to an earlier post. He had 2 sacks at the scrimmage this week. His press conferences are always so impressive. Humble. Leader. The Guilty as Charged boys who were at camp spoke about him in glowing terms, particularly how he’d seemed to improve/flash in Run Defense compared to last season. DT is a weaker position group for the Chargers and Fox’s health is (under the radar) one of the more important ingredients to the Defense coming together this season.


I’m super interested in reading the comments on this topic as I think most people’s opinions, like mine, are going to be based on whatever media we’ve consumed. From what I’ve seen/read/heard:

Coaching is probably the “Charger” that’s impressed me the most. Moore seems like a great fit for Herbert. Ansley seems to have brought a new attitude to the defense. Staley seems to be learning from the previous two years. Very happy to see a more physical approach to camp, with a focus on being strong fundamentally.

Jackson’s recovery is truly remarkable and a credit to his work ethic

The DB depth playing well is very exciting.

Now, if the front office could get off their @$$ and sign a vet guard/tackle (Schofield? Aboushi?), I would be even more excited for this season.


Been loving the Kenneth Murray hype. We lost Kyzir White and Drue Tranquil after 150+ tackle seasons. Maybe we’ll lose Murray after 150 tackles. I kid, I kid.

We need a good ILB as we’ve lacked a truly excellent one since Manti Te’o....... lmao.

Rooting for the kid

Buck Melanoma

So far, also based on reports & veteran comments, I’m going with 2 rookies....QJ & Tuli. This is also in no small part due to my hopes of them being very impactful right away.


Based purely on reports etc, Samuel Jr and Murray have both been having impressive camps


Hightower and Asante.


John Hightower has been all over the field. I’m curious to see how he plays on Saturday. He’s making a strong case to make the active roster. Just not sure how they would make that work. Would they carry 7 WRs?

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