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Chargers top 10 Madden 24 ratings

The Chargers’ star-studded roster is headlined by their versatile safety Derwin James.

Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The folks behind the Madden franchise have slowly been revealing the top players at each position over the past week before shortly thereafter releasing the rest of the players in their ratings database. With reveals now over, let’s take a look at the top 10 players you’ll be relying on this season to smash your opponent’s en route to winning your next virtual Super Bowl.

Derwin James - 95 overall

The Chargers’ do-it-all safety headlines the Chargers’ top players in the newest installment of the Madden franchise. His overall rating is four more than the next best player and it’s also good for the top rating for a safety in the entire game. At his size, James’ 91 speed and 92 acceleration are right where you want them to be, especially if you plan to use him up in the box as a big nickel defender. The combination of a 90 zone coverage rating and 93 jump rating are excellent for creating user interceptions. He’s also not too shabby in man coverage with an 86. To top it all off, his hit power rating of 92 will be a fun trait to utilize with any player ability that emphasizes the hit stick.

Overall, players who prioritize a strong defense will love using the Chargers, but it also helps you get a pretty offense on the other side, as well.

Joey Bosa - 91

Despite missing 12 games in 2022, Bosa held on to his elite rating ahead of what many believe could be a huge bounce-back-season. Despite having to work with an 80 speed off the edge, Bosa’s high marks of 97 in awareness, 97 in play recognition, and 96 finesse move will allow him to be a menace as both a run defender and pass rusher.

Austin Ekeler - 89

Apparently 38 touchdowns in two seasons is simply too fluky to allow Ekeler into the 90s club. Still, he’s the third-best player on the Chargers in Madden 24 with high marks in juke move (92), agility (91), and speed (91). Ekeler also boasts pretty decent route-running ratings for a running back with a short route rating of 80 and a medium route rating of 73. For those who love using the angle route with their backs out of the backfield, Ekeler is your guy this year.

Keenan Allen - 89

Allen is a virtual quarterback’s best friend as a reliable route-runner who will do his best work on third downs. The unfortunate drawback with Allen is his 88 speed but a 95 catch and 92 medium route running are easy ratings to help you march down the field. I believe his release rating of 89 could be higher but you can’t win them all.

Corey Linsley - 88

Linsley has been one of the most-consistent centers in the NFL over the past five years but the ratings adjustors apparently find that style of play boring. Linsey’s stats are highlighted by a 90 in pass block, 92 in pass block finesse, and an 87 in run block finesse. His 92 strength rating is also more than enough to get the job done.

Mike Williams - 88

Williams falls short of the 90-speed threshold at 89 but I can’t say that’s surprising when speed has never been a big part of his game. His 91 jump, 95 catch in traffic, and 98 spectacular catch ratings are much better indicators of how he’ll win on the field. He’ll need those elite stats to make sure he can win despite a pretty average deep route running rating of 79.

Justin Herbert - 87

Herbert lands among the game’s best quarterbacks but I’m sure plenty would argue he’s much better than an 87. Unfortunately, you can thank Joe Lombardi for that. Herbert’s unfortunately low marks in both passing yards and and touchdowns hurt his stock and the ratings adjustors believe he needs to prove himself even further to warrant getting back into the 90s.

Herbert’s individual ratings are highlighted by a 96 throw power, 91 in short accuracy, and 92 throw on the run.

Khalil Mack - 85

Despite finishing with 8 eight sacks during his twilight years, Mack’s final eight-game stretch of 2022 included just one quarterback takedown. That rough patch did zero favors for Mack who starts this season with his lowest rating since he was a rookie in 2015 (81).

Mack’s strongest individual ratings include an 86 in power move, 85 speed, and 89 strength.

Rashawn Slater - 85

Another blasphemous rating signed off by the adjustors, Slater is graded as the 12th-best left tackle in football just so wild. He was a second-team all-pro as a rookie and a torn bicep took away his sophomore season. He didn’t get worse during that time and there certainly weren’t that many players who all of a sudden became better than him while he was sidelined. I’m not saying he needed to be in the 90s, but this is just disrespectful and their process was flawed here.

Slater boasts an equal rating in both pass block and run block with a solid 87. His pass block finesse and run block finesse ratings are also equal at 88 apiece.

Eric Kendricks - 85

Kendricks is certainly on the back nine of his playing career but that doesn’t stop him from being the best linebacker on the Chargers. His high awareness rating of 92 will help keep him near the football and his 88 in play recognition will keep him from being fooled more often than not. His speed of 85 isn’t too shabby, either.