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3 Chargers 2022 team stats they need to repeat or beat in 2023

What stats do Brandon Staley and Justin Herbert need to maintain from 2022?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been discussed about how the Los Angeles Chargers need to improve next season. However, the Chargers did a lot of good things in 2022. I mean, they did make the playoffs.

In the Army, whenever we did a training exercise or any kind of large activity, we did an “After Action Review” to do some self-evaluation and figure out how to get better next time. That “AAR” exercise often involved finding three things that went well to try and repeat next time, as well as three things that desperately need improvement. With that kind of process in mind, I took a look team statistics where the Chargers did well and wanted to highlight three marks that the Chargers MUST maintain, or improve if they can, from the 2022 season while they make changes to improve their deficiencies.

Tied for fifth fewest turnovers lost

The Justin Herbert and the Chargers ball carriers did a great job with ball security this season. The team only lost 19 turnovers total which was tied for fifth best in the league in 2022. This is a new offense going into 2023 that is already being described as more aggressive, as well as adding at least one new major contributor as a pass catcher in rookie Quentin Johnston. To really take that next step, the Chargers NEED to keep the turn over numbers down like they did last year, even while they get more aggressive and navigate an unfamiliar scheme.

Second-least penalized defense

Brandon Staley was brought in as a head coach that is also a defensive guru. The defense has not lived up to the levels expected from his scheme and past results. One area where they have done well however, is playing disciplined football in the officials eyes. The Chargers only drew 80 defensive penalties last season, with only the Baltimore Ravens drawing less flags at 79. There are a lot of things this defense needs to clean up, but not having any self inflicted wounds like penalties giving offenses free yards and more chances is going to be key to keeping up morale and letting the defense stay aggressive.

Third-most passing yards

Obviously this is an offense that does, and should, flow through Justin Herbert and his rocket arm. The Chargers invested heavily in their pass catcher group with a first round pick and brought in a new offensive coordinator that has the goal of going deep more often and being more aggressive. Herbert was third in passing yards last season despite missing one or both of his top pass catchers for multiple games, and an offense that, at best failed to maximize his talents, and often was a flat out hinderance. If the Chargers can find that deep ball success, and increase their average depth of target on shorter routes, they should have no problem matching or surpassing that passing yards total from 2022 while also being more efficient and allowing more opportunities to help the run game.