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The Chargers’ best player/jersey number combinations

When it comes to looking the part on the field, these guys do it best.

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

A good portion of the NFL fan base probably couldn’t care less about the numbers worn by players. But if you’re at all like the sport-obsessed heathens that spend every waking minute on Twitter, you’ve likely seen plenty of debates and commentary in regards to players and the numbers they wear.

When it comes to rookies just entering the league, there are some extreme opinions depending on which players receive “bad” numbers for their position. Some examples include edge rushers who normally play out of a two-point stance wearing a number in the 90s or anything from 60-79. Receivers wearing numbers in the 20s or 30s are another one.

Everyone has their opinion at the end of the day and today, I’m here to share mine. Here are my four favorite player/jersey number combinations on the Chargers.

LB Daiyan Henley - #0

The 2023 season will be the first where a player may wear the number zero. After wearing the number one during his career at Washington State, Henley decided to take a minus one with first-rounder Quenton Johnston receiving his former number and will be the first Charger to wear the latest legal digit.

All single-digits can be super aesthetically pleasing when given to the right player and it’s hard not to love this combination with Henley being an uber-athletic defender who is expected to push for a starting job in his rookie season. If he does end up balling out, don’t be surprised to see him garner the monicker of “Agent Zero” sooner rather than later.

TE Gerald Everett - #7

Tight ends are already some of the most-aesthetically pleasing players on the field. They combine the athleticism of a skill player with a build/frame that most closely resembles everyone’s create-a-player in any NCAA Football/Madden video game.

This becomes an easy inclusion when you slap a single-digit on the position because, again, who doesn’t love a single-digit on a player that isn’t a kicker or quarterback. Honestly, Everett has one of the best aesthetics on the entire team and the fact that he wears seven — a number popularized by the great Michael Vick — is just the cherry on top.

EDGE Khalil Mack - #52

On the face, the number 52 isn’t exactly all that exciting, but here’s how I see it: It’s one of the most physically-imposing players in the NFL, at a position known for having some of the most freakish athletes in all of football, combined with a number that holds massive amounts of nostalgia if you long for the days where middle linebackers were still the most-intimidating players on the field. It’s not the flashiest number, but when the player wearing it is one of the best of the past decade, it becomes better and better the more I think about it.

OG Zion Johnson - #77

I know you’re probably thinking that it’s odd to include an offensive lineman on a list like this, but when you appreciate the position as much as I do, you’ll begin to how lineman can look just as cool — if not even cooler — than some skill position players when they’re on the field.

As an offensive lineman, Johnson is extremely-well built with tree trunks for arms and a well-proportioned frame, so he’s already a good leap ahead of most lineman in the NFL. Now add in that he’s got arguably the best offensive lineman number possible and he’s an easy include for me. Double numbers are often some of the best in the game. I loved when Derwin James wore 33 and when Joey Bosa wore 99. It’s the same situation with Johnson. I truly hope he never changes.