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What are your summer plans?

Let’s talk about something we’re all looking forward to.

NFL: MAY 22 Los Angeles Chargers OTA Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week, we asked you all to tell us about your plans for this summer. No matter how lavish or low-key they are, we wanted to take a small break from football to talk about what else is going on in your lives.

Here are our favorite answers!

Buck Melanoma

Summer I’ll be chasing live music like always. Leave tomorrow for a couple of days at Red Rocks. A few other things nailed down. Not summer but in October I’ll be in Ireland for 10 days.


Taking a couple trips but most excited about our annual trip to Zion for my dad’s bday.


Hiding inside from the sun, playing Tears of the Kingdom, and laughing about the Raiders situation with Jimmy G.

By Any Natrone Necessary

Wrapping up the year long world travel tour with the wife. Heading back to Europe to settle down (she’s French). After that maybe travel around France to visit her family and check out some cool places.

It’s been a wild ride boys.


Winter starts tomorrow in Australia so summer plans are but a distant blip on the horizon.

Since I chose to spend my December-Jan honeymoon in the States, it’s two winters within half a year for me. But the cockles of my heart will be warmed as soon as Chargers football is back on the television.

Spanos Must Go

My youngest daughter is getting married in Hawaii (Oahu) in 2-weeks! That will pretty much blow the vacation budget for this summer.


This summer the biggest part for will be a month long parental holiday to spend time with my kids and girlfriend. We are going camping with a group of friends nearby and are also headed to Austria to experience the mountains during the Summer.Besides that I have a weekend of Tomorrowland in July and I will be refining my tennis game. Who knows maybe I can finally find me a backhand stroke this Summer...

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