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And the winner of the BFTB Chargers Mock Draft Showdown is...

Drumroll please!

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bolts From the Blue, our Predictive Mock Draft Showdown has been tallied, the results have been double checked, and we have a winner!

Before we jump right into the podium... let’s have some fun with some day-by-day statistics:

Day One : TCU wide receiver Quentin Johnston

  • Zero members out of the 22 submissions we received guessed the first pick correctly.
  • Only four members guessed that we would go wide receiver, with three votes for Zay Flowers and one for Jordan Addison.
  • The most common predictions were Michael Mayer (six), Dalton Kincaid (three), and Bijan Robinson (three).

Day Two: USC EDGE Tuli Tuipulotu, Washington State linebacker Daiyan Henley

  • The only prediction to come to fruition for a round and player was round two’s selection of Tuipulotu. TDU_Alister, kevdiego, and sixpakfrombelgium collectively made the only correct guess from this predictive mock draft. Great work guys!
  • Another six members guessed that we would go EDGE, marking a successful position guess rate of 9/22 for round two.
  • Tau837, Tui@hut, and Bolt Dawg#1 all guessed Tuli in round three, earning them half credit.
  • No one guessed linebacker in round three, making the Tuli guesses the only points-attaining predictions for round three.

Day Three: TCU wide receiver Darius Davis, Clemson OL Jordan McFadden, Boise State DT Scott Matlock, TCI quarterback Max Duggan

  • The only correct player selected in rounds 4-7 was from Spanos Must Go’s entry, which tongue-in-cheekly had a receiver written in for every pick. He guessed Davis in the sixth round, which actually earned him half credit, and he went on to actually tie for 4th in the contest.
  • Of the 88 predictions for this round, only 13 were eligible for half-credit, with 12 of them having guessed the correct position for the given round.
  • Wide receiver in round four was guessed 4/22 times, the most successful prediction of day three.
  • DiomedesMiura deserves a shout out for guessing Jerrod Clark in the sixth, even if he was a UDFA pick-up.

The Podium!

And now... for the results you’ve all been waiting for!

1st Place - kevdiego - 60 points, out of a possible 120 (considering trade-down write-ins didn’t apply)

T-2nd Place - EV37, sixpakfrombelgium - 47.5 points

T-4th Place - Tui@hut, Spanos Must Go - 42.5 points

If anyone has graphic design skill, I’d LOVE to make a trophy with kevdiego’s name as the winner for 2023, and keep it as the graphic over the years, adding the future winners to it like the Stanley Cup. The problem is, I’m no graphic designer! If anyone can help with this, I’d be extremely grateful!

Congratulations kevdiego, and thank you to everyone that participated!!!