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Who was your favorite pick from the 2023 draft class?

Was it the first-rounder Quentin Johnston? What about about “taker of souls” sixth-rouner, Scott Matlock?

NFL: MAR 01 Scouting Combine Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week for our Chargers Community Discussion, I asked you all to offer up your favorite selection from this year’s seven-player draft class.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of our favorite answers!


Quentin Johnston! Herbert has a beast of a receiver now.

The Truth Injection

It’s Daiyan Henley for me. He will give us a linebacker who can get into running lanes and can also go sideline-to-sideline pretty effectively. Additionally, coming into the year a comp I saw for Henley was Lavonte David. They were similar size coming out of college and if Henley can be half the player David was we got a great 3rd round pick.

Blue Beers

Tuli - Most upside IMO.

Henley - Didn’t love this pick at first, but after reviewing more, I could see him being really good.


Tuli is also my favorite pick. Fills a super need with the guy who had the most sacks in all of football this year. While some say he will replace Mack after this season, I hope not. If Mack is still a baller, let’s extend him to keep him in the fold. It’s expensive either way, cut vs. extend. But we did spend a 2d on him just last year. Wouldn’t be much of a deal for only 2 seasons.


Round 3, Pick 85 Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State

It’s funny that I’ve seen him comped to Kyzir White... but they needed a LB and got one of the best ones (according to analyst-types) in the 3rd.


If you consider the use of the draft pick & player selected, my favorites in descending order:

Jordan McFadden: Quality player at a position of need

Tuli Tuipulotu: Quality, young player at a position of need

Quentin Johnston: I would have preferred a trade down. If not trading, this pick should have been Zay Flowers. Let’s hope QJ can learn how to catch Herbert’s fastballs after years of body catching Duggans floaters

Daiyan Henley: Should have been Washington, but not re-signing Tranquill and Murray not being good at football created a hole which hopefully Henley will fill. Now, what about the TE hole???

Derius Davis: Two rounds too early, but at least he brings a skillset lacking in the WR room

Scott Matlock: Likely could have picked him up as an UDFA, but at least DT is a position of need (after letting Fehoko walk). I would have preferred Flowers in the 1st, Jay Ward in the 4th and Andrei Iosivas here

Max Duggan: A weak-armed QB accuracy issues. WTF? Cory Trice Jr. had a 3-4th round grade - he should have been the pick, not a below-average QB that is now going to occupy a roster spot that should go to a WR, TE, RB or OL. Just a silly waste of a pick.


Henley, because he could actually be viewed as a good value and has the best shot to make an immediate impact. Every other pick has a lot of work to do on their game or were drafted as depth pieces.


Weirdly enough, the fifth round offensive line pick. I love that they are taking great depth in the offensive line - since I’m sure we’re all still triggered from 2007-2020.

He may never start, but the depth is excellent.


Tuli was the most impressive pick, because lack of positional depth at Edge was such a thorn for the Bolts last season. This guy’s upside is tremendous with Bosa and Mack there to help guide him. I expect he will prove to be this draft’s best weapon for us in the long run.

Come back next Tuesday for another Chargers Community Discussion!