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Which remaining Chargers free agent should the team re-sign?

With Kyle Van Noy recently announcing on Twitter that he’s not coming back, there may be only one real answer to this question.

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we asked you all about which of the in-house free agents from the Chargers would you consider bringing back at this point in the offseason.

Here are our favorite answers!


I would have to flip a coin on Callahan and KVN. You can never have too many CBs. Even though we are expecting Jasir and Leonard filling some starting/depth pieces, Callahan has that experience.

KVN is really only needed if there is an injury, but unfortunately with Mack and Bosa’s injury history, it’s highly likely this becomes a need.

I think we can get through camp and add 1 of the two after based on JC’s progress, health and if Tuli is performing as expected.


I THINK there’s only 6 remaining free agents. My preference:

Players I think could make a positive contribution in 2023 (in the order I would like them resigned):

Bryce Callahan (DB): If Jackson comes back and Samuel moves inside, the Taylor becomes depth. Ja’Sir looks like a player, but Callahan can bring a lot of vet depth to offset the question marks around Jackson being healthy and Taylor ascending

Kyle Van Noy (Edge/LB): Quality vet depth at Edge and LB

Players who would be camp bodies, but should not make the roster:

Derrek Tuszka (LB/ST): Some ST value. Did not look good in his limited LB snaps

Richard Rodgers (TE): Not great in 2022, but I would rather have him on the roster than McKitty. If I’m going to sign a FA vet minimum TE, I would rather have Stephen Anderson

Tyeler Davison (DT): Not great in 2022, DT now looks deep

Players I don’t want in camp:

Chase Daniel (QB): If the Chargers are going to bring in another QB, it should be an athletic project who could make the PS. Stick is now the vet QB2.


I’ll go with KVN. He has a year of experience in Staley’s system and finished strong last year so why not keep rolling with it. The LB group still doesn’t seem too good outside of Kendricks and maybe Henley so would take any help there. Can be the #3 or #4 Edge player since I don’t see Rumph being that guy sans a huge breakout year.


Bryce Callahan


Do the Chargers even have enough cap space left to make any meaningful signings? Do the Skelet incentives count against the cap or do they have to be reserved the whole year just in case he hits his incentives?

Without knowing a lot about his specific fit in a Staley system I am inclined to think John Johnson III would be a great addition. Depth at safety seems very thin and having him in that room would make me feel a lot more comfortable about having enough safeties to get through the season

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