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Chargers sign 6 players from 2023 draft class

The lone rookie to remain unsigned is second-round pick Tuli Tuipulotu.

Dave & Buster’s x NFL Draft Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for Dave & Buster’s

It’s so refreshing that under the current collective bargaining agreement, teams are able to quickly and easily get their picks signed. Gone are the days of super lengthy holdouts from rookies. It’s May 12th, a mere two weeks since the 2023 NFL draft, and the Los Angeles Chargers have signed six of their seven draft picks.

Signing with the Chargers on Friday from their 2023 class are:

  • 1st round pick WR Quentin Johnston
  • 3rd round pick LB Daiyan Henley
  • 4th round pick WR/KR Derius Davis
  • 5th round pick OL Jordan McFadden
  • 6th round pick DL Scott Matlock
  • 7th round pick QB Max Duggan

That just leaves second-round pick edge rusher Tuli Tuipulotu to sign and the Chargers will have their whole class under contract and ready to focus solely on playing football. This should also free up the front office to shift focus back into the next phase of free agency to finish building out the roster with the final pieces the team still needs to be filled out appropriately. I would expect one or two veteran names to be signed, especially as the Chargers currently have two open roster slots, in the next week or two.