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ESPN’s Matt Bowen tabs Chargers as perfect fit for WR Zay Flowers

Flowers would add a dynamic presence at every level of the field.

Boston College v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

It doesn’t always line up that way, but there’s a perfect fit out there for every prospect in this year’s draft. Every stellar pass-catcher and every dynamic running back has a home that best suits their skills and talents.

ESPN’s Matt Bowen recently took to the task of finding the best home for this year’s top playmakers and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that one player was tabbed as a perfect fit for the Chargers and what new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore wants to do in 2023.

Likely to not much surprise, Bowen believes the Chargers are the best fit for Boston College wide receiver Zay Flowers who is widely viewed as a top-five, or maybe even top-three, wideout in this year’s class.

Before we do our own analyzing, let’s hear what Bowen had to say about the pairing:

Why he fits: Let’s give the Chargers and their new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore some much-needed juice on offense with Flowers. The Boston College product is a rapid accelerator in the route tree, and his play speed jumps out when watching his tape. He can create at the third level, but Flowers also has the easy movement skills and toughness to produce after the catch. He forced 25 missed tackles on catches last season, fourth-most in the FBS, and has outstanding ball carrier vision in space.

With the expectation that Moore elevates the vertical element in the pass game for quarterback Justin Herbert, Flowers is a fit as an inside/outside target, thanks to 4.42 speed and plenty of playmaking traits. Los Angeles only attempted 61 throws at least 20 yards downfield last season, 15th in the NFL. With Flowers in the mix, alongside veterans Mike Williams, Keenan Allen and Joshua Palmer, the Chargers can open things up and present a dynamic passing attack that fully utilizes the physical tools of Herbert.

Flowers has been one of my favorite prospects to watch this season simply because of how natural he looks as a football player. Some guys are better athletes than others with wild strength and speed, but Flowers doesn’t need either to standout whenever he takes the field.

The 5’10, 183-pound dynamo is one of the best receivers in this class in regards to body control and tracking the deep ball. So much so that at times, he seems like he’s already four moves ahead of the defenders because of how smoothly he goes from catching the ball to sticking his foot in the ground to avoid the next one, two, or maybe three defenders barreling down on him.

Just take a gander at one of his many highlights below:

The Chargers have one more year — that we know of — with both Keenan Allen and Mike Williams together. This pick would ensure that there is no lack of weapons for Justin Herbert to throw to and he’d arguably have the most-dynamic group of pass catchers surrounding him since he entered the NFL.

And you know what? For good measure, let’s see the impact he can make in the low red zone, as well:

While Jaxon Smith-Njigba is probably the top wideout on the majority of draft boards, some team is going to land Flowers and be extremely happy.