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The Lightning Round Podcast: Goodbye Bolts from the Blue

Bye bye BFTB!

After almost nine years on Bolts from the Blue this will be our last Lightning Round Podcast on the website. We will continue recording content but it will not be a part of this network. Before we get to the details of what’s next Jamie & I would like to thank everyone who has helped support the podcast and grow it to what it is today. Even if you listened for a few seconds and turned it off, the fact that you gave us some of your time means a lot to us. To those how have continued to watch/listen to us, we are forever indebted to you. We made some amazing memories and some even better friends. It’s been a hell of a ride.

So what’s next? We’ve moved networks but everything else will stay the same. For all the details, listen to the podcast but just know this is not goodbye, “we’ll just see you next time.”

If you’d like to support the Lightning Round Podcast and stay up to date on what’s happening next you can: