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What franchise record will never be broken?

It’s tough not to pick LaDainian Tomlinson’s total touchdown mark.

San Diego Chargers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Last Tuesday, we asked you all to tell us which Chargers franchise record will never be broken

A little late on this one (blame March Madness) but I definitely did not want to completely forgo spotlighting some of our favorite answers from last week’s community discussion!

Here are our favorites!


Does anyone even remember Wes Chandler’s record of averaging 129 receiving yards per game during the 1982 season? They’ve had 40 years to beat that one in today’s pass happy NFL.


I think LT’s 31 TDs in a season never gets broken... Most of LT’s records on the chargers don’t get broken the way the NFL has evolved.

Total Yards, rushing yards, career tds, passing tds by rb. I don’t see any of them being beaten.

Bolt Dawg#1

***Philip Rivers and his 224 consecutive game streak as a Charger. (And it does not include Philip’s playoff games). (He also played 16 more straight games in a final season ever as a Indy in which he had a bad turf toe for the last 8 games + 1 playoff games). ***Also, his other record for most “Dad gummits” in 14 yrs as a Charger will going

Always admired Rivers passion, emotion and love for the game. His fiery attitude was a bit much (trash talking) but what the heck, his teammates always knew he had their back.

Euro Charger

One I’m pretty sure will never be broken is interceptions thrown, 32 by John Hadl in 1968. And that was in a 9-5 season. Fouts came close a couple of times. The only QB who has come close to 32 in any team in the last 20 years was Winston in his “here, have the ball” 2019 campaign with Tampa.


Looking up total TD records and did not know Ekeler was so high on the list (4th with 63!). Super impressive for a guy that went undrafted and hasn’t been here as many seasons as others on the list like Gates (also undrafted), Alworth and Tomlinson.

Also did not realize Melvin Gordon is 7th in Chargers history for total TDs with 47.

But LTs TD record isn’t going to be broken, ever. 153.... one hundred & fifty three! 37 more than Gates, 90 more than Ekeler, and 100 more than Allen.

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