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Chargers Draft: First round predictions from the BFTB community

Our own Charger fan community came together with their own predictive mock drafts. Here are the results from the first round.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Draft Day is here! It’s time to review who the Bolts From The Blue believe will become a Charger today, as well as whether or not Tom Telesco will trade down for the first time ever.

Here is a quick look at how all of you think round one will shape out.

Total Predictive Mock Draft Entries: 18.

The Chargers first overall selection

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

My wife is going to be thrilled.

Collectively, 5/18 of the drafts had the Chargers selecting Michael Mayer.

Here’s a quote from Stephen619 on why he chose Mayer:

“He is from ND so you know TT wants him and he fits a need. Mayer probably won’t post sexy Kelce type numbers but he is an excellent blocker who will be a reliable 700 yard 7 TD a season kind of guy.”

Dalton Kincaid received three votes, bringing our total votes for a tight end in the first round to 8/18.

MongoTesla had this to say about Kincaid:

“He can’t block. But, so what? Neither can McKitty. Or, Gates for that matter. We’re going for a weapon here.”

Bijan Robinson is probably the most polarizing pick here, but three posters believe that Telesco will pull the trigger on drafting the prolific running back.

Here is Bolt Dawg#1 explaining his thoughts on Telesco picking Robinson:

“Some players will fall, I think Bijan falls, and also thinking a few Ohio State players fall like CJ Stroud and or Jaxon Smith-Njigba BUT if Bijan is there, he will be the best player available. Telesco you’ve got to get em. He is an instant ready producer. I believe he can run behind the Chargers OL schemes and gives the Chargers the balance they need in the 2nd half. (Remember how putrid the Chargers offense was in the 2nd half ??? and it wasn’t all Joe Lombardi’ play calling). But no longer can any top defense shut Herberts passing down because they they have a legit game breaker in Bijan as a RB. Ekeler was good but only schemed in space. Bijan can do it all and catch the passes too. Remember, I would trailor my Chargers to beat up ALL the AFC West teams and also be able to go head to head with the Bengals, Bills, Ravens.”

At the wide receiver position, we saw two votes for Zay Flowers and one vote for Jordan Addison.

Tui@hut threw his hat in the ring on Flowers, bringing up the importance on blocking KC from drafting him:

“TT & co. are confident they will either get Musgrave or LaPorta in the 2nd round and still a decent Edge defender in the 3rd round.

Flowers is an excellent value at the 21st spot, and also not to allow KC to have him.”

Surprisingly, we only had three votes on the defensive side of the ball, one for each of Brian Branch, Lukas Van Ness, and Devon Witherspoon.

Buck Melanoma explains his Van Ness pick:

“IMO, absolutely a high floor guy AND a need. We all saw the defense suffer when Bosa was out. Mack is getting older, Joey is injury prone, Rumph is meh. Anyone who thinks Van Ness won’t get plenty of reps is missing the picture, IMO.”

IBlueIDream believes a top-rated defender will fall to the Chargers in Devon Witherspoon:

“The board saw multiple QBs taken in the top 15 and I couldn’t believe he got lost in the fray but if this happens, given the uncertainty surround J.C. Jackson’s current situation, this would be a homerun pick.”

Will Tom Telesco trade back? If he does, who will be his dance partner?

Surprisingly, 8/18 of you believe this is the year Tom finally slides back. Who said we weren’t an optimistic bunch? 10/18 voted no, likely the realist delegation of our page. That said, I’m rolling with the optimists!

Buffalo came in as the most likely trade partner, with four members believing we slide back to pick 27. Three of you believe it will be Dallas, followed by Arizona and Chicago getting two votes a peice.

Minnesota, the New York Giants, Jacksonville, New Orleans, the Los Angeles Rams, and Philadelphia all received single votes as well.

Alright Charger fans! Let’s see what happens when Tom is on the clock!