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Kyle DeDiminicantanio joins the BFTB Staff!

The BFTB staff grew a little bigger!

Tennessee Titans v San Diego Chargers

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay on getting this news out, but Mike and I have been chatting for some time on eventually hiring me as a very part-time member of the staff. Things finally came to fruition this week and the portal to post as staff opened up... and I’ve been trying to figure out how to use their software while gearing up for the draft! While in the long run it’s going to make posting more accessible (for those that dabble in FanPosts, it’s much easier to import and upload photos with their software), there is a learning curve I’m working through, so patience is certainly appreciated.

This community has always been a family to me. From learning roster and research intricacies from Tau, hopping on podcasts with the Thunder Down Under boys, hanging out with Alister and his lovely wife while they visited the states on their honeymoon, MongoTesla welcoming us to his tailgate at SoFi with open arms, KevDiego and I connecting about him knowing my family, and any other off-site connections I’m missing here, Bolts From The Blue has far surpassed the typical experiences of an online fan forum. It has been a community, and for those that I’ve posted and chatted with but have yet to formally meet, I look forward to seeing you at some sort of game day get-together in the future.

While we’re talking about connections off-site, I have to point out this probably never would have happened if Buck hadn’t been so determined to get FanPosts on the front page, so a shout-out is certainly deserved for that as well. Thank you, Buck.

My goal here ultimately is to keep learning by taking on more research questions, playing with roster development theories, and presenting them to you. The only value they’ll hold is in the dialogue they start between us, the sharing of ideas, and further expansion of our collective football knowledge. As we’ve seen time and time again, many of the best learning points come from the Comment Section and FanPosts, so while I hope to bring a canvas I hope you bring the brushes and paint.

I will also be posting updates and news to help take some burden off Mike, and try to highlight our member opinions and views like I plan on doing with the Mock Draft Showdown. I’ll also continue to guest whenever the TDU boys will have me, because they’re awesome... if you haven’t been tuning in you’re missing out. Eventually, since Mike is in Minneapolis and Matthew is in Colorado, I’m hoping to eventually be our boots-on-the-ground at some training camps and practices, so we can get some up-close looks. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get in a presser an can ask Tom why he never trades back.

So, thanks again everyone. I’ll still be active in the comments section (and am still a real estate agent first!) but I hope I can bring some contributions that you all see as added value to our community.

Love you guys!

Kyle DeDiminicantanio

P.S.: I wasn’t going to put my own picture up, so the Lead Photo is of my favorite Charger of all time, Lorenzo Neal.