Duck07 2023 NFL Mock Draft 1st Round

#1 - Carolina Panthers - QB - Bryce Young

Easy choice for Carolina to make after the trade up to #1. His only knock is his lack of height.

#2* - Indianapolis Colts - QB - Will Levis

Indy moves up to #2 because Houston would rather gain the extra picks rather than letting Arizona get those picks so the cost isn't "that" much for the Colts to make the move to get their guy.

#3 - Arizona Cardinals - Edge - Will Anderson

Arizona wanted to trade down but the Texans just undercut their offers so instead they take their top defender for the new defensive HC.

#4* - Houston Texans - DE - Tyree Wilson

Houston might actually prefer a more traditional DE in Wilson over Anderson for Ryan's Defense in addition to the extra/future picks that the Colts send.

#5 - Seattle Seahawks - QB - Anthony Richardson

I don't believe that Jalen Carter is an ideal pick for Pete Carroll because I don't think he meets the standard of "Always Compete" that PC preaches. Richard Sherman also hinted that Seattle is going back to its old Defense that's become vogue again and scrapping the Fangio defense. As such those type of DT are available later and getting the "raw traits" QB that Schneider has been after since Josh Allen makes this an easy selection for Seattle knowing Richardson can sit and learn for a year.

#6 - Detroit Lions - QB - CJ Stroud

Detroit could move this pick, but like Seattle, I think they don't view Goff as their long-term answer and letting Stroud learn for a year in the scheme seems like great value even though CB1 is on the board still.

#7 - Family Trust Respect - CB - Christian Gonzalez

Every now and then they make a good pick. Part of me expects them to screw it all up though because that's what they do.

#8 - Atlanta Falcons - OT - Peter Skoronski

Yes, Bijan is on the board. I also know that they have a 5th rounder who just surpassed 1K. Smith knows how to help his OL/QB out and goes for their top ranked OL.

#9 - Chicago Bears - OT - Paris Johnson Jr

With Atlanta taking their guy, the Bears decide they need to do the same and there will be a good number of them all starting to come off the board from these picks.

#10 - Philadelphia Eagles - DT - Jalen Carter

Carter goes to the most ideal situation in the NFL for him - next to his friend Jordan Davis and a team with enough veterans in the position group to bring out the best in him. Philly's real draft splash comes later on.

#11* - Pittsburgh Steelers - OT - Darnell Wright

Pittsburgh needs to protect their young QB and doesn't want to see any more come off the board, taking Wright and giving the Titans more draft capital for a trade-up later on.

#12 - Houston Texans - CB - Devon Witherspoon

Ryans continues to rebuild the defense by grabbing the talented CB to pair with Wilson at DE. With all of the QBs in the AFC, it's not a luxury to have Stingley/Witherspoon.

#13 - Green Bay Packers - TE - Michael Mayer

Mayer is a clean TE who will make a great safety valve for Jordan Love in a season in which he needs offensive players he can trust. It also probably helps that it takes someone high on the Jets board out of play too.

#14 - New England Patriots - S - Brian Branch

Bill has no concerns about taking Branch this early because he'll plug-and-play in the NE Secondary who I think will remind Bill of Lawyer Milloy.

#15 - New Jersey Jets - WR - Jaxon Smith-Njigba

You just got Rodgers, you're going to get him a 2nd Ohio State WR to throw to because Mayer is off the board.

#16 - Washington Commanders - DE - Myles Murphy

They're aren't happy with Chase Young long-term so they get someone who looks similar hoping for a better outcome.

#17* - Tennessee Titans - OT - Broderick Jones

They aren't finding a trade partner for Henry or Tannehill so to make them better they take an OT knowing they've been coming off the board.

#18 - Detroit Lions - CB - Joey Porter Jr.

This is also why the Lions passed on CB at 6, there is great depth and Campbell gets the son of a Steeler's legend.

#19 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - LB - Nolan Smith

They need a tackle but with so many gone they address the available LB/Edge's and go with someone who can play a lot of different positions.

#20* - Philadelphia Eagles - RB - Bijan Robinson

The Titans asked too much for Derrick Henry. Instead, they trade #30 with Seattle (and filler) to get a dual-threat RB to play behind their talented OL with their electric QB.

#21* - Tennessee Titans - QB - Hendon Hooker

Armed with picks from moving down with Pittsburgh, the Titans move up before Baltimore or Minnesota could take the local QB who is recovering from injury. The bulk of the trade for the Chargers are picks #32 and #41 as well as a future 2nd Round pick that becomes a 1st if Hooker plays a % of snaps. We all look back at TT's 6 or 7 QBs comment differently when #21 represents the 5th QB taken.

#22 - Baltimore Ravens - WR - Jordan Addison

You need more than OBJ to help Jackson out at WR whether you sign him long-term or franchise him again.

#23 - Minnesota Vikings - CB - Cam Smith

Vikings wanted Hendon Hooker but are forced to go elsewhere and stick to their board and add a talented CB.

#24 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Edge - Lukas Van Ness

The Jags take advantage of the board and go with the young Hawkeye, giving more pass rushers to the defense.

#25 New York Giants - WR - Zay Flowers

You just gave your QB a contract worth more than his play is, if you want to maximize it, you better give him play-makers and Flowers gives them that in Daboll's offense.

#26 - Dallas Cowboys - TE - Dalton Kincaid

Jerry Jones takes the high-production TE to give Dak another weapon to throw to.

#27 - Buffalo Bills - CB - Deonte Banks

The Bills go BPA and add to the defensive back room.

#28 - Cincinnati Bengals - OT - Anton Harrison

Teams are going to value the OT higher early in this draft than at WR and the Bengals take one of the last remaining OT's worth playing early.

#29 - New Orleans Saints - DT - Calijah Kancey

Loomis falls in love with the traits of Kancey and goes for the high-risk/high-reward DT.

#30 - Seattle Seahawks - Edge - Will McDonald IV

Whether they retain the Fangio Defense or move back to Carroll's roots, McDonald gives them another pass rusher for a team trying to get back to having more than just 1 or 2 of them and he had a great Senior Bowl.

#31 - Kansas City Chiefs - OT - Dawand Jones

Dawand Jones is a mammoth of a man who can still move at Tackle. It's one thing to go cheap with Mahomes weapons but they have a need at OT and the options available later in the draft aren't as appealing.

End of Round 1 of the NFL Draft sees the Los Angeles Chargers on the Clock at #32...

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