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Who is your favorite non-QB prospect drafted by Tom Telesco?

Is the The Big Bear? The Slayer? Another player with a rad nickname?

UCLA v California Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Earlier this week, I asked you all about your favorite non-QB draft selection under Tom Telesco. We got plenty of excellent answers, so let’s go ahead dive right in!


Drafting Derwin at 1.17 and not succumbing to what must’ve been an insatiable temptation to trade up when he started to get close.


Vincent Brown. I always thought that guy was going to be a good player for us.


It depends on how you read the question.

The best non-QB player drafted: Slater

The best utilization of a draft pick: Allen (strong runner up: Salyer)

The best value delivered for draft capitol utilized: Ekeler

George Greenwalt

This is tough one! Telesco has really done a good job in the first round, except for Jerry Tillery. But I actually think my favorite pick right now would have to be Mike Williams. Honestly it is because of how important he has become to what the Chargers want to do with Herbert. It is obvious that he and Justin have developed some great chemistry, and it was evident last year when you consider the number of big plays at crucial moments Mike dub made. Plus the number highlight plays Mike dub and Herbert put up is just plain fun to watch every gameday, Bolt Up!!


Keenan Allen. What a steal. 3rd round and has been incredible since day 1. Rookie year, 71 receptions for 1046 yards. Minus a couple injury seasons early he’s been consistently great since then.

Funny thing I saw when going to his stats... he’s never had more than 1 fumble a season (and has had a few with 0). However in 2020 he had 3 fumbles. That was also his first year with Herbert where he had an abnormal amount of drops. Wonder if he had an unreported hand injury or something?


Allen, and it’s not close for me.

Spanos Must Go

Favorite players that TT has drafted would include Keenan Allen and Derwin James for me. Keenan would have to be the greatest value pick based on him being taken in the third round. Jamaree Salyer could turn out to be on this list as well, but it is early.

And in the spirit of taking a positive draft article and going negative I reviewed all of TTs drafts and wow, whoa, holy crap, yuk, yikes..... A massive amount of blown picks and wasted draft capital. There was not a huge list to choose from, but that makes sense on this being a sub-500 team during his reign.

Come back next Tuesday for another Chargers Community Discussion for your chance to have your answer highlighted in a post!