NFL Draft: Bolts From the Blue Community Mock Draft Showdown!

Bolts From the Blue Community, draft fever is officially reaching peak levels. Longtime member DiomedesMiura recently encouraged us to post our mock draft predictions for the Chargers, which led to an idea to spur some fun competition amongst friends.

Welcome to the first annual Bolts From the Blue Predictive Mock Draft Contest!

Here's how it's going to work:

  • Comment below with a prediction for LAC's seven picks.
  • Answer the question: Do you think Tom will trade back in the draft?
  • Answer the question: If the Chargers do trade back, which team will they trade with?
  • To cover potential extra selections the Chargers may select in a trade-back scenario, include three extra selections at the bottom of your draft.

Scoring System

  • Round 1 : 30 points
  • Round 2 : 25 points
  • Round 3 : 15 points
  • Round 4 : 10 points
  • Round 5 : 10 points
  • Round 6 : 5 points
  • Round 7 : 5 points
  • Do you think Tom will trade back in the draft? Y/N: 20 points
  • What team will Tom Trade back with? 20 points
  • Potential Trade-Down Selections: If the Chargers trade down and any of your three players are selected, you'll receive additional points equal to the value of the round they were selected in.

Each round will have a different point value as shown below. If the team selects the position but not the player at the round you guessed, you'll receive half-credit (for example, if Kincaid is drafted in the first round but you guessed Mayer, you would receive 15 points out of the 30 allocated for the first round).

Even though your mock draft will include a selection from each round, half-credit points will also be awarded if you guess the correct player, in the incorrect round. For example, if you guessed Tank Dell in the fourth round and instead he is drafted in the third round, you'll receive 7.5 points.

To further hedge against potential complications resulting from a trade down, we're focusing on selections in each round and not necessarily the current pick slots. For example, let's say you guessed Sam LaPorta would be selected with our second round pick, and Jack Campbell was one of your "extra selections." If the Chargers were to trade down and select Sam LaPorta with the second round pick they received, and selected Jack Campbell with their original pick, you would still receive full credit for both picks (50 total points for two correct second round selections).

Remember: this is your mock draft, and you'll only receive points for correct selections made, so you don't need to create it in a mock draft simulator. If you need help guessing where players may land, it could help referencing a Consensus Big Board like this one provided by the Mock Draft Database. This way, your predictions aren't limited to the options provided at random by a simulator.

Sadly, I don't have the funds to offer a prize other than the thrill of competition and fun. However, if the community enjoys this contest I'll be sure to keep track of the winners for future installments!

Happy mocking!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.