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Who has been the worst draft pick of the Tom Telesco era?

With 10 years worth of picks, there’s likely plenty of options to choose from!

NFL: MAR 02 Scouting Combline Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week, I asked you all who you believe has been the worst draft pick of the Tom Telesco era.

Telesco has been with the team for over 10 years at this point and he’s been far from perfect throughout that span. Let’s take a look at the best answers from this week’s Chargers Community Discussion.


I’ll go with Kenneth Murray. Telesco traded up to get him in the 1st round and his play has been a major disappointment to say the least. Maddening that the team keeps playing him meanwhile 2 far superior LB’s walked in FA. Murray would’ve been riding the bench or cut by 90% of other teams by now and yet the Chargers keep trying with him even though it’s obvious he shouldn’t be on the field.


Lots of candidates:

Trading up (and giving up a lot) for Murray

Drafting Verrett, with full knowledge of his significant injury risk

Drafting Tillery

Trading up (and giving up a lot) for Gordon

Trading up for Teo

Trading up for Attaochu

Drafting Mager

Drafting McKitty

Drafting Williams

I could rank these in different orders on different days, but this is my rough order today

Judge Dread

As you all have stated, there are plenty to pick from... But so far JT Woods seems to be trending in the “recently wasted draft pick” category.

RkyMtnGuy far. TT got side tracked: could have traded back up for Justin Jefferson back in the second round and taken Claypool....Herbs opening day receiver room: Williams, Allen, Jefferson, Claypool, Guyton and T Billy.....but then Telesco doesn’t think this way (which may be why Herbs contract demands if reports are true is not team friendly, the Bolts pay thru the ass and gives him the option of leaving for a real SB contender in just a few years).


I did not like the Melvin Gordon selection, especially because the Chargers had to trade up for him.


Tie between all his trade-ups. Teo sucked, Murray hasn’t been great, maybe there are more? Every time he has swung big and given up capital. he’s missed.

Spanos Must Go

Oh boy, I have been waiting for this one. There could be at least four separate articles here:

Worst Pick, Worst Picks.

Worst Draft Strategy.

Worst Team-building Philosophies.

How to survive in a profession for over a decade without achieving the basic goals of the profession.

From a pick perspective, and focusing on the first round because that should have the highest probability for success, I would throw out there:

Kenneth Murray because we gave up draft capital to move up and grab a linebacker who has been a bust. He just edges out Jerry Tillery who was useless. And a tiny vote for Mike Williams because we drafted him and passed on Patrick Mahomes.

I could write volumes on absolute wasted picks and draft capital in the vast wasteland of the 2nd and third round, but I am sure others will gladly cover that.

From a draft strategy perspective:

Trading picks to move up in 1st and 2nd round to draft running backs and linebackers (multiple times).

Pulling third round picks out of his backside year after year after year. And yes, I’m aware of Keenan Allen.

Never trading down like many successful teams that stockpile picks.

Be sure to stop back in next Tuesday for another Chargers Community Discussion!