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What was the most impressive part of the 2022 season?

Aside from the impressively “bad things, of course.

NFL: Chargers vs. Dolphins

Earlier this week, I asked you all to tell me what you thought was the most impressive part of the Chargers’ 2022 season.

You guys did not have a lack of opinion, I’ll tell you that much.

Let’s go ahead and dive into this week’s answers.

Spanos Must Go

The first 28-minutes of the Wildcard game they looked Super Bowl bound.


The Miami game after every pundit picked the Dolphins to win. The game was not even as close as the score. Might have been Staleys best coaching of his career.


The defensive dominance vs Miami was awesome. Not since His Bradley’s 3 Safety scheme that upset BaltiMar (see what I did?) in the wild Card has a Chargers D looked so good. Chargers D was amazing at JAX for first 29 minutes…


In no particular order:

The consist shitting of the bed in the 3rd quarter.

The commitment to deferring the kickoff every time they won the toss, maximizing the number of opportunities to shit the bed.

My liver for surviving another alcoholism inducing season.

Salyer playing LT at a high level for the majority of the season - dude saved the season.

Pipkins playing RT at a decent level. Going into the season I thought TT was crazy to not add more tackle depth. I was kinda right on that, cause Sarell should have never seen the field, but Pipkins not being a liability was a surprise. Good for him.

Kelley looking explosive and not going down on first contact.

Ja’Sir Taylor!

Making the playoffs with the number of injuries the team suffered was impressive. I thought Staley grew as a coach. Fingers crossed that this trend continues in 2023!

Buck Melanoma

Michael Davis returning to previous form & stepping up when Jackson went down.

Bolt Dawg#1

Just making the playoffs & how the 2022 Chargers achieved it. Going into the Miami game the Chargers were 6-6 and they were way, way back behind ALL these teams:

The Jets, Dolphins, Patriots, the Titans, Bengals, Ravens, Bills and of course the Chiefs. The Chargers going into the 14th week were at best a long shot. But the perfect storm hit for the 2022 Chargers & the Jaguars. Some potential playoff teams QBs & starters got injured, then teams went into a spiral. The Titans lost 8 in a row, The Jets lost 6 out of 7, the Pats lost 5 out 7, the Dolphins barely got in going losing 5 out 7 games.

Give the Chargers & Staley credit, they hung in there like grim death and won 4 in a row, (the Jags won 5 in a row). And while I’ve been a huge critic of Staley’s coaching & preparation>>> give HC Staley the biggest credit. They went into the Phins game losing there last 3 out 4 gms. but Staley had his best defensive preparation and def. play calling against Miami. He shut down a rising Phins passing attack and even stopped the running game in big situations ( Mike McDaniels erred to in not running the ball more..but what the . Staley’s Chargers pulled off a great win and kept getting more confident enroute to a 4 gm winning streak & to be the highest wild card seed. Pretty tremendous streak.

Thats what I remembered most about 2022 & GO Chargers in 2023 !!!

Daniel Hale

The special teams becoming a force instead of a glaring liability.


In an effort to say something nice about a season that feels like a let-down: It was nice to see the team battle to make the playoffs in the final 1/3 of the season when they had to get the wins they got.

They often didn’t have their top guys every game but they still made plays as a team and by all accounts, the team spirit is still high.

Come back next Tuesday for another Chargers Community Discussion!