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Chargers land amongst teams with least-encouraging offseasons thus far

The Bolts’ offseason isn’t being held in high regard through the first week of the new league year.

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Now that we’re over a full week from the start of the new league year, NFL analysts have taken to grading each team for their work done thus far in free agency.

Six teams made out with an “A” while seven more were given a “B.” The majority of teams ended up in the “C” category where they reside due to their current moves failing to convince the authors that they’re truly headed in a positive or negative direction.

I have the unfortunate duty to let you all know that the Chargers did not make either of those first three groups. They’re one of six squads to receive a “D” thus far. But honestly, it’s nothing to get up in arms about. Even the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs received a “D” due to their lack of getting much better around Patrick Mahomes.

Author and CBS Sports NFL analyst Cody Benjamin gave the Chargers doesn’t have much faith in the addition of linebacker Eric Kendricks, going far as to call him “not exactly a difference-maker” at the age of 31.

Here’s his full blurb on the Bolts:

“A mega extension for QB Justin Herbert might salvage an otherwise ho-hum offseason, which was destined following their spending spree in 2022. LB Eric Kendricks might be primed for a rebound behind their talented front, but he’s not exactly a difference-maker at 31, either.”

While the Chargers haven’t added any star power this offseason — and after all, they weren’t expected to after last offseason’s spending spree — they still have managed to retain key players. Resigning Trey Pipkins to solidify right tackle without spending a premium penny could be huge in the coming years while getting back defensive tackle Morgan Fox helps keep an interior pass rush threat on the roster.

There’s still a bit of money to play with and the Chargers desperately need help at safety (John Johnson III anyone?) so there’s still plenty of time for them to add to what I believe has been a pretty underrated offseason in Los Angeles.