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What is your best non-stadium viewing environment for games?

Do you prefer a public spot or the comfort of your own home?

Super Bowl XXIX

Earlier this week, I asked you all about your favorite non-stadium viewing experiences while watching Chargers games. Obviously being there at SoFi Stadium is everyone’s ideal game day, but that can’t always happen for everyone.

So in its place, do you prefer the comfort of your own home? What about your favorite sports bar?

Let’s go ahead and dive into this week’s answers.

Spanos Must Go

My Wife prefers anywhere other than our living room. I behave better in public with other people around.

Buck Melanoma

My living room.....drinks are reasonable & as strong as I like. Customizable snack choices. No lines for the bathroom. And I’m the only a*hole I hafta deal with.


In my living room with nobody else around and a sketchy Russian website streaming with only minor hiccups.


My living room where chargers fans always outnumber the opposing team fans. No waiting to use the bathroom, no waiting for snacks ,no stress parking.

Come back next Tuesday for another Chargers Community Discussion!