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Which player(s) on the Chargers could go pro in another sport?

Could Khalil Mack become an Olympic wrestler?

Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Earlier this week, I asked you all about which player(s) on the current Chargers roster could potentially go pro in another sport other than football.

Let’s check out some of our favorite answers!


Michael Bandy looks like he’d be excellent at Orienteering.

Joey Bosa should be living in Hawaii, catching waves and smoking cones as a World Surfing Champion.

Breiden Fehoko could give competitive eating a whirl.

Khalil Mack is an Olympic Wrestler in waiting.

Tre’ McKitty would probably fare well at the World Crochet Championships.

Blue Beers

Austin Ekeler would be a great rugby player.

Justin Herbert - baseball pitcher

Donald Parham was a good basketball player, probably not good enough to go pro though.


Derwin James: baseball (or just about any other sport you can think of...) Freak athlete. Great range as a fielder. Enough speed on the bases... But can he hit a curve ball?


Ekeler. The dude has the mindset of a succeed at all costs. If football didn’t exist, and he wanted to play sports, I’m 100% confident he would have found a way.

Spanos Must Go

Kenneth Murray a professional matador.

Be sure to come back next Tuesday for another Chargers community discussion!