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Which 5 players in franchise history would you want on a basketball team?

Who is going to get you a double-double? Who will be posting up from beyond the arc?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we asked you all to come up with a starting five in basketball made up solely of Chargers players throughout franchise history.

You guys took to the task and here are our favorite answers!

Spanos Must Go

Brees-point Guard

Winslow-small forward

Parham - power forward

Gates- shooting guard

Jamaal Williams-center


This is a great off-season question.

Flutie - PG

Gates - PF

Kassim Osgood - SF

Malcolm Floyd - SG

DeQuincy Scott - C

I know he’s short but his baseball career may have some carry over like soft hands, great HE coordination and a solid base. He will get you 11 a game with outback’s and free throws.


I went whole roster:

PG: Stan Humphries - dude gets it done

SG: Darren Sproles - matchup nightmare

C: Donald Parham - huge and athletic

SF: Kellen Winslow - winner, never quits

PF: Antonio Gates - no one knows this but he played basketball in college

6: Philip Rivers - glue guy

7: Malcolm Floyd - an actual baller

8: Junior Seau - no one is tougher

9: Alfred Pupunu - big, quick, athletic, great celebrations

10: Rodney Harrison - scary on D

11: Gary “Big Hands” Johnson - five good hard fouls per game

12: David Binn - what can that dude not do?


Rivers as HC

1 “surprise” choice I would go with is Danario Alexander. He was a beast when healthy. Pair him with a VJackson or someone similar and there won’t be much you could do to stop the team.

Sproles would also be fun as your Mugsy type guy.


PG: Keenan Allen

SG: Justin Herbert

SF: Vincent Jackson

PF: Antonio Gates

C: Donald Parham

Need more size but the playmaking and shooting should be there.


PG: Sproles

SG: Allen

SF: Winslow

PF: Gates

C: Parham


Gates, Winslow and Parham come to mind instantly and we might as well throw Herbert and Rivers in there.

Come back next Tuesday for our next community discussion!