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Chargers new Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore

Garrett and Jamie talk about the Chargers new OC.

The Chargers just announced the hiring of new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Moore fills the empty seat left by Joe Lombardi who the team released after the season and Moore makes a lateral move from offensive coordinator with the Dallas Cowboys to now calling the plays for the Chargers offense .

Kellen Moore’s resume is impressive. He’s had success in the NFL as an offensive coordinator, had the number one offense as the youngest OC in the league. In his tenure with Dallas, the Cowboys have typically been a Top 5 team in most offensive categories. In 2021, Dallas led the NFL in scoring and set a franchise record for most points in a single season under Kellen Moore.

Garrett and Jamie talk about Kellen Moore’s system and offensive philosophy, how he improves the middle and deep passing game and how effective he was as a coordinator in the red zone. They also share what Moore asks of his personnel on offense, how he can help improve Justin Herbert and also get the running game going.

There is a discussion about some reservations they have about this hire and what they want to see next from the Chargers front office to help Moore succeed his way.

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