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What statistic is the most overrated?

Is it raw tackles? Quarterbacks wins maybe?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

Earlier this week, I asked you all about the one statistic you feel is the most overrated in the NFL. I absolutely love this topic and I’m glad you all seemed to have some fun discussing it.

Below are our favorite answers!


All accumulated statistics are suspect... like total yards gained or allowed. Efficiency/rate stats are much more meaningful IMO.

And I value PFF grades, though I know many don’t. :-)

Gates Fan 85

Anything on PFF. No use in giving Cris Collinsworth any of my time, can’t stand the guy. Stats are pointless anyway. It’s just a way for sports “know-it-all’s” to talk smack and think they are smarter than everybody else. Individual achievements are great, but what can you do for the team, for today’s game???


Passer rating is up there.

And so is “tackles” as a raw stat.


Not that it’s unimportant or completely useless, but I’ll say interceptions. Some of the best ballhawks are not necessarily good in coverage and get burned constantly, some of the best corners/safeties get no interceptions because the ball just isn’t thrown their way.

It’s kind of why Casey Hayward, Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman, and others trail off in their prime in terms of interceptions. But you’re gonna tell me Marcus Peters or Travon Diggs are the best at their position? Come on.

It certainly matters, as play-makers win games. However, the full picture is never really provided in terms of actual coverage ability


Sometimes overall team stats can be overrated. I always go back to 2010 when the chargers were statistically 1st on offense & 1st on defense. They missed the playoffs that season.


Sorry if this post ryles any of the analytics guys but too bad. The only statistic that matters in this league is wins and losses and it’s become obvious that the Chargers don’t know how to win a game. Take a look at Andy Reid, Brett Veech, and the Chiefs. It doesn’t matter where they find themselves during a game; they know what it takes and how to go about getting it done to pull out the win.

No more off-season hyperbole of how talented the Chargers are. I don’t care who the assistant coaches are now or even who we draft in April. I don’t care how many injuries we have next year. NO MORE EXCUSES. If this year’s team doesn’t get into the division game, I expect to have everyone from John Spanos down to Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley and his coaches sent packing. Just put your heads down and go to work.

Spanos Must Go

Interceptions for QB. They don’t take into account

* passes through the hands of the receiver.

*Hail Mary attempts at the half and end of game.

*Receivers slowing down/stopping/turning the wrong way.

*Being blind-sided by pass-rusher and having their arm hit.

These are all interceptions that don’t reflect poor play not related to the QB.

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