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Which free agent signing in team history got you the most excited?

On the flip-side, did any of them leave you wanting more?

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Earlier this week, I asked you all about which free agent signings in team history got you the most excited. There’s been some notable signings in recent years, especially, including a pair from last year’s offseason.

Regardless of how they eventually turned out, we wanted to hear about them.

Here are some of our favorites.


Darren Bennett is my choice, Altho was he a Free Agent or did he come in on a tryout??. He came out of the Australian Rules Football league had such a booming leg, and he had finesse with his kicks too. And his love for the game, his teammates, the Charger fans and his punting, it made watching football fun when the Chargers were losing (and they were losing a lot from 1997 to 2000). I’ve met Darren 4x and all times he was just like your best neighbor. I still think he lives in the North County Coastal area of San Diego.


Who was the corner from Green Bay? I might be misremembering this but I remember him being one of the first big money FAs that Telesco brought in, and he killed it. Pretty sure he even had some good years after the Chargers released him.


Without a doubt Khalil Mack


I remember being pretty excited about Donnie Edwards. Maybe because of how much trouble he caused us when he was with the Chiefs, or maybe because he was a hometown boy (from Chula Vista).


I was going to say Donnie Edwards too. Can’t think of many where I was like home run. Most of the time it was like”hopefully that guy has two years left”. Bob Sanders was a guy I wish the Chargers could have gotten a full season out of.

Spanos Must Go

Jared Gaither

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