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Reacts poll results: Fans don’t believe Staley will be able to save himself from the chopping block

Despite the win against the Patriots, fan confidence has slightly dipped, and the vast majority of fans believe this is Staley’s last season with the team.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon Bolts From the Blue!

We have another round of poll results prepared for you!

As we do every week, we get a chance to measure the confidence Chargers’ fans have in the direction of the franchise. Despite the win last week, confidence actually dipped a percentage point.

The fanbase was then asked whether or not they believe the Chargers will end the season with a top-10 pick. The Chargers would likely have to finish the season with no more than six wins to sneak into the top-ten of the draft order, which means they’d have to lose all but one game for such draft position to be in play.

53% of fans think this is the likely scenario. However, most of the comments we received echoed a similar thought, that the Chargers would likely fall just outside of premiere draft positioning.

kevdiego wote:

No - I think the Chargers win enough to pick in the middle (12th - 15th)

The community was asked whether or not Brandon Staley would be able to win enough games down the stretch to preserve his job another year. Only 20% of fans think Staley will be the Chargers’ head coach next year.

Compare this result to the poll I took at the beginning of the season, where 84.1% of fans thought Brandon Staley would still be the head coach at the end of the season. It’s clear that fan confidence in Brandon Staley has fallen off a cliff.

When answering this question, SD_Bolted responded:

No - Unless they win the Super Bowl, I never want to see Staley near this organization again. I honestly believe he could have success somewhere, but it takes a real unique person to have consistent success with this team.

Lastly, the Chargers will have a decision to make if they decide to move off Brandon Staley. Will Tom Telesco, John Spanos’ personal flak jacket, be replaced in the offseason? Cyborglives responded:

Pretty much this... though I think TT might be sacrificed. He’s the only one they can fire since we know Johnny boy ain’t going anywhere.

Someone has to be held accountable. It won’t be the one responsible (John), but someone will take the fall.

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