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Brandon Staley admits he doesn’t believe Corey Linsley will return this season

Staley gave a less-than-optimistic outlook on Corey Linsley’s return

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday afternoon, Brandon Staley gave an answer that many fans have been expecting to hear for weeks now. When asked about the possibility of Corey Linsley’s return to the active roster, he gave the most direct answer we’ve heard all season.

When it was announced that Corey Linsley was placed on the IR with a heart-related issue at the end of September, there was speculation when he may return. Understandably, there were very little details released on the extent of Corey’s heart issue. Corey’s wife, Anna Linsley, reposted Jeff Miller’s announcement of the IR designation, and was met with a ton of fan support and well wishes.

Although Brandon Staley never gave a timeline or a guess as to when we might see Corey back, the verbiage he continued to use vaguely hinted at the possibility of him not returning, referencing Linsley adjusting to a new role with the team.

It’s heartbreaking news either way, because the Chargers offense looks like a completely different unit when Corey is on the field. Had Corey’s health allowed him to return, it may have been the spark the Chargers needed to get things back on track.

This news will continue to feed speculation that Corey may not be on the roster next season, with the possibility of a medical retirement seeming plausible. If he’s able to play, the Chargers would undoubtedly love to have it back, but it’s impossible to imagine the Bolts not preparing for what life after Linsley might look like.