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Chargers Reacts Week 14: Can a late-season surge save Staley, Telesco for another year

Staley’s seat is hot, but is the team ready to fight for his job?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers didn’t have a barn-burner of a win this weekend, but a win is certainly a win.

Calls for Brandon Staley's job have been loud and frequent from media members and fans alike. However, the further removed from the Packers loss, the less terrible the team’s performance appears as teams continue to struggle against the Pack’s ascension. This last weekend, Green Bay managed to upset the Chiefs, leaving a slight window ajar for a Chargers late season run that includes four divisional games. If the Chargers could somehow knock out W’s in all four of those games (or, preferably, find a way to win-out), they would own all the tie-breakers in the division with a better divisional record than the Chiefs, and sweeps in the Broncos and Raiders matchups.

It’s a longshot, Chargers fans, but I’m curious to see if you think the Chargers are actually playing at a level that might inspire a late-season run, and save the jobs of Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco.

When we post the results, I’ll include some observations with our beginning of year predictions to further gauge where fan sentiment has move in the first 13 weeks of the season.

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