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WATCH: Khalil Mack records sack number 100 of his career

The Chargers’ outside linebacker records his 16th sack of the season to surpass a century over his career

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

The Chargers’ outside linebacker, Khalil Mack, has reached a very significant milestone as he recorded the 100th sack of his illustrious career.

The veteran edge rusher recorded his 16th sack of the season, a career high single season total, to move into three figures and into the top 40 on the all time sack leaders list.

Mack has spent two seasons as part of the Chargers coming to the west coast via a trade from the Chicago Bears where he spent four seasons. He started his career in Oakland after being drafted by Las Vegas Raiders in 2014 coming out of Buffalo and quickly became one of the best defenders in the league winning NFL AP Defensive Player of the Year in 2016.

The Chargers’ 2023 season has been one with very few positives however watching a 32 year old Mack play at this elite level has been one to give Bolts’ fans pride.