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Chargers Reacts Week 16: Who was the best coach of the Tom Telesco era

Now that the Tom Telesco era is over, who was his most successful coaching hire?

Chargers GM Tom Telesco Photo by Paul Bersebach/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

Good afternoon Bolts From the Blue community!

We have another week of poll questions and discussion for topics currently surrounding the Los Angeles Chargers.

First, now that the Tom Telesco era is officially over, we have an opportunity to ask who the best coach of his tenure was. Tom was involved in three hires: Mike McCoy (though the weight of his opinion in the first hire is questionable), Anthony Lynn, and Brandon Staley. Which coach do you believe did the best job in his time with the Bolts?

Second, how many of the current coordinators do you think will be retained by the new coaching regime? I know most of us are hoping Ryan Ficken is retained, and some might want Kellen Moore to have another chance... but is it likely either will survive the tear-down?

Last, now that the Chargers are engaging in a General Manager and Head Coach search, which vacancy would you prioritize first? If you have the chips to make a play, regardless of the response, where would you push them?

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