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Favorite prop bets for Chargers vs Patriots

Are we REALLY saying Quentin Johnston can’t get more than 20 yards receiving against J.C. Jackson?

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Here we go... for the first time this season, DraftKings Sportsbook has projected a Chargers’ game to have an over/under of less than 40 points, That speaks both to the horrid state of affairs on the Patriots offensive side of the ball, but is also a vote of confidence for Bill Belichick to continue thwarting Justin Herbert. The following three bets are the favorites I could dig up on DraftKings Sportsbook.

OVER 18.5 receiving yards, Quentin Johnston (-105)

This has to be the biggest metaphorical slap in the face to Tom Telesco’s selection of Quentin Johnston in the first round. Despite having no competition for the starting receiver spot opposite Keenan Allen, sportsbooks are predicting Johnston to fall below a measly twenty yards receiving against a struggling Patriots.

J.C. Jackson isn’t following Keenan Allen into the slot tomorrow, so unless Kellen Moore specifically seeks out that matchup, Johnston should see many snaps with Jackson lined up opposite him. Jackson has been giving up 50 yards per game to opposing receivers, including an abysmal performance last week in which an undrafted rookie quarterback managed to throw for 107 yards against him.

If Johnston gets held to less than twenty yards tomorrow, the effective storyline will be “Tom Telesco’s worst free agent signing shuts down Telesco’s worst draft selection.” I’m holding onto hope, and SLAMMING this over. Don’t let me down, Quentin!

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

OVER 26.5 receiving yards, Hunter Henry (-115)

Henry is a talented tight end, held back by a terrible offense. Although I’m not expecting much production out of the Patriots offense, Kenneth Murray and Eric Kendricks have left much to be desired in coverage. I would personally count on at least one of these types of coverage breakdowns, and for Henry to get plenty of opportunities. Zappe should connect on a couple passes to help get him over the 26.5 yards mark.

Anytime touchdown scorer, Donald Parham Jr (+425)

We know Bill Belichick’s defensive ethos: he’s going to do everything he can to slow Keenan Allen down tomorrow. There will likely be plenty of bracketed coverage on the Chargers’ star receiver, leaving many opportunities for the rest of the Chargers’ passing options. Donald Parham Jr. is on his longest stretch of games without a touchdown since his rookie year. Gerald Everett found paydirt on a high-effort play last week, and Stone Smartt had the first touchdown of his career the week before. This week, the Patriots are going to get served a tall order of chicken parm.

Los Angeles Chargers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

What bets are you placing, Bolts From the Blue?