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Chargers Power Rankings Roundup: Bolts sledding downhill as Christmas approaches

With the Chargers’ fifth loss in their last six games, the club is now circling the drain of the NFL’s hierarchy.

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Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Chargers fell to 5-9 on the season after their demolishing at the hands of the Raiders on Thursday Night Football. Easton Stick and the offense couldn’t find much of a groove until it was well too late and the defense simply didn’t get off the bus.

This game was the last on the Chargers schedule that most felt was their best and last chance at a win. Now, with games against the Bills, Chiefs, and Broncos remaining, it’s likely the fan base is stuck sitting through three more losses before the season comes to an end. For suffering through this stretch, their reward could very well be the team’s next franchise player as they’re slated for a potential top-five pick in this year’s draft.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at where the Bolts landed this week's power rankings. - #27

“It doesn’t feel like the Chargers wanted to make an in-season firing, but last week’s thrashing by the Raiders necessitated a move on head coach Brandon Staley and GM Tom Telesco. It just wasn’t working, pretty much from the playoff meltdown last January on, but there were signs before that, too. The entire season is a loss now, with several key players now facing offseason rehab, including QB Justin Herbert. Having Herbert in tow for the prime years of his career will add to the appeal of the job, and the roster isn’t in awful shape, even with some major contract decisions looming. They’re also cruising toward a top-10 pick in April, and if this season has shown us anything, it’s that Patrick Mahomes might not be immortal. Even still, those are wound-licking consolations right now that the Chargers hope might, mercifully, pay off one day.” - Eric Edholm

Bleacher Report - #27

“Thursday night, the Los Angeles Chargers allowed 63 points—the most in franchise history.”

“By Friday, the team decided that a new direction was needed.”

“After three mostly disappointing seasons at the helm, the Chargers fired head coach Brandon Staley, showing general manager Tom Telesco the door as well. Team owner Dean Spanos said in a statement that the product the Chargers were putting on the field just wasn’t acceptable.”

“‘These decisions are never easy, nor are they something I take lightly — especially when you consider the number of people they impact,’ Spanos said. ‘We are clearly not where we expect to be, however, and we need a new vision. Doing nothing in the name of continuity was not a risk I was willing to take. Our fans have stood strong through so many ups and downs and close games. They deserve more. Frankly, they’ve earned more.’”

“‘The Chargers face an absolutely critical series of decisions in the offseason now,’ Davenport said. ‘This will mark the third head coach the Bolts have had since Justin Herbert was drafted, and the team doesn’t have much to show for it. The Chargers have no shortage of talent on both sides of the ball—now they need to find a general manager who can add to it and a head coach who can translate that talent into wins. If nothing else, it should be a relatively attractive job.’” - BR NFL Staff

ESPN - #28

“The Chargers are tied for the league’s best in attempts on third-and-short (63), which is defined as third-down plays with less than or equal to 3 yards to the first-down marker or end zone. But the Chargers are also 29th in third-and-short conversion percentage (49.2%). This stat is likely reflective of the Chargers’ ineffective run game, which they have tried to spark all season but still ranks 27th in rushing yards per game (95.7). The Chargers’ ineffective rushing attack makes them somewhat one-dimensional in these scenarios, relying on short passes that the defense can predict. Against the Broncos, for example the Chargers were 0-for-12 on third down. This stat, like many for the Chargers this season, is reflective of missed opportunities. - Kris Rhim”

The Athletic - #28

“The Chargers finally fired Brandon Staley, who fell to 24-24 in three seasons with Thursday night’s embarrassing loss. It was the fifth loss in the last six games for Los Angeles, which entered the season with playoff hopes and now is the second-worst team in the AFC, ahead of only the Patriots. Staley was hired because he was supposed to be an up-and-coming defensive guru, but the Chargers are 27th in points (24.6) and yards per play (5.6) allowed.” - Josh Kendall

Yahoo Sports - #28

“Everyone knew by halftime last Thursday that Brandon Staley was getting fired. That no-show by the Chargers was an embarrassment to the entire franchise. What’s next? You’d probably prefer an experienced coach who can win right away with a talented roster. And yes, Bill Belichick’s name is probably going to come up with this opening a few times.” - Frank Schwab

Sporting News - #28

“The Chargers’ wheels came off offensively and defensively with their pileup of injuries and ineptitude, and it finally cost coach Brandon Staley his job. The goal now is just to play hard and show some fight with whoever’s left healthy for more upside under a new leader.” - Vinnie Iyer

CBS Sports - #29

“They had no choice but to fire head coach Brandon Staley and general manager Tom Telesco. It’s hard to believe this was a playoff team last year.” - Pete Prisco

USA Today - #31

“And Brandon Staley wondered why he kept getting asked if he would relinquish defensive play-calling duties. At least he managed to surrender a team-record 63 points on his way out the door.” - Nate Davis

Pro Football Talk - #32

“To be higher than 32nd, it’s required that at least half of the team actually try to win.” - Mike Florio