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Will Clapp carted off with an injury, Brenden Jaimes to play center

Will Clapp was carted off the field with an injury, and the Chargers are now down to Brenden Jaimes at center

Los Angeles Chargers v Green Bay Packers

The Chargers have already lost their All-Pro center, Corey Linsley, who I’ve strongly felt is the second most important player on this team. Whenever Linsley has gone out, Will Clapp has done a yeoman's job filling in, but the overall play of the offensive line rapidly deteriorates and the guards seem to have a more difficult time with their assignments.

This has plagues the Chargers all year, and now Will Clapp has gone down with an injury as well. It’s too early to determine what the injury and the extent is, but the fact he was carted off the field is not a good sign.

The choice to not bring on a legitimate backup to Will Clapp after Corey Linsley’s placement on the IR could prove to be a weak one, as a college tackle that was drafted to convert to guard is now playing at center. Brenden Jaimes will take over at center, and the only silver lining is the fact that he’s not blocking for the franchise quarterback.

This is a rough one, friends.