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Chargers fans believe Easton Stick will backup Justin Herbert in 2024

Fan confidence continues to cover in the single digits, and just under half of fans surveyed believe Easton Stick will play his way into another year as the Chargers’ backup QB.

Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Good afternoon Bolts From the Blue!

We have another round of poll results prepared for you!

As we do every week, we get a chance to measure the confidence Chargers’ fans have in the direction of the franchise. Look at that, fan confidence is on an uptick! The people love better draft positining!

Our first unique question of the week was whether or not Easton Stick will play his way into the Chargers’ backup QB of the future, solidifying the role for years to come as a serviceable replacement when Justin Herbert goes down.

The last significant Chargers’ backup performance I can remember is Billy Volek leading the Chargers to a game-winning drive in the playoffs against the Colts in 2007. We have luckily not had many opportunities for backup quarterbacks to take major roles on this team since then, but the only decent backup QB we’ve sought out and employed was Tyrod Taylor towards the end of Philip Rivers’ playing days.

Tau837 made a great point about the free agent market for quarterbacks:

2. Veteran free agent. There are more decent veteran free agent QBs available for reasonable prices than ever before.

The next question we had is how the Chargers should address the center position next year. Assuming Corey Linsley retires, the Bolts will have to find a more serviceable replacement.

SD_Bolted offered:

The Center was question was interesting. Personally I voted for a veteran VA but see the value of drafting someone.

Honestly the more I think about it, you might as well draft someone high. Next season isn’t gonna be pretty, so you can groom the Center of the future to be ready post-rebuild.

It’s definitely a tough question, I actually like the idea of signing a mid-tier player with center/guard flex and drafting a center early.

Our final questions was how many of the four restructured players of 2023 do you expect on the roster in 2024?

If Telesco was given another year as general manager, he could hypothetically restructure all these guys again! Wouldn’t that be fun?! However, fans largely agree that it’s going to be a two-in, two-out scenario.

brique believes Allen and Mack need to retire in powder blues:

At this point both Allen and Mack need to retire as Chargers. Unless they choose to go full rebuild, not competing for the playoffs for the next couple of years, mack needs to sign a 2 year deal.

Feel free to keep the chat going in the comments below!