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Chargers Reunion- former greats coming together to celebrate Antonio Gates’ induction to team’s Hall of Fame

Antonio Gates, Philip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Eric Weddle have all been seen at SoFi Stadium today.

Kansas City Chiefs v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Fans present for the Chargers versus Broncos matchup have been witness to some incredible reunions as former greats have gathered to recognize Antonio Gates’ amazing career. At halftime, Gates will become the 41st person inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame. Gates is considered a staple on the Mt. Rushmore of modern-era tight ends, and is one of the few players in this era to have spent his entire career with one team.

We’re going to dedicate this thread to as many pictures and updates of some of our favorite former players reuniting. I’ll update with additional photos and videos as they’re posted to Twitter.

Please include any updates or awesome photos you find in the comments as well!

First - we have some warm wishes from Antonio’s two quarterbacks, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers.

Philip ran into Keenan Allen, the greatest receiver he had the opportunity to play with. The two have always had an incredible relationship, and teamed up to create many of our favorite Chargers clip.

The way Keenan has a giggle fit when Rivers’ extends his arm for the first-down point is ALL-TIME.

LaDainian Tomlinson got some face-to-face time with Philip Rivers as well. It’s bittersweet remember Gates, Rivers, and LT all played together and we never had the opportunity to see them in the Super Bowl.

Probably the most interesting update of the day is seeing Eric Weddle, who has been very vocal in his disdain for Tom Telesco in the past. It looks like he’s putting the ax down for the weekend to come celebrate his former teammate.

We will continue to monitor and update throughout the day!