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SPECIAL TEAMS TOUCHDOWN: Derius Davis scores on an ELECTRIC punt return

Derius Davis impresses once again with flashy return skills

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers started the scoring Monday Night with an impressive punt return by none other than Derius Davis. Thomas Morstead outkicked his coverage, giving Davis to much room to work, and Davis was able to make a highlight reel return to put the first points on the board.

Derius Davis is an electric playmaker whose talents the Chargers need to capitalize on while Joshua Palmer and Mike Williams are hurt. He brings an electric after-the-catch ability that might surpass even Quentin Johnston, and adds a deep-threat speed wrinkle that the team has been lacking in Jalen Guyton’s absence.

Kellen Moore has already experimented with different ways to get Davis involved, including some looks out of the backfield. Here, we can see Alister’s finger show us what an electric talent Davis can be.

My hot take over the next few weeks is that Derius Davis will have more scrimmage yards than Quentin Johnston during Joshua Palmer’s absence. I wish I included a wrinkle in there for special teams production!