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Chargers Reacts Week 13: What should the Bolts do at tight end in 2024?

How should the Chargers upgrade the tight end room in 2024?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we’re treated to another Reacts poll, giving everyone a chance to share their views on some pressing Chargers questions.

We have three more questions that are geared towards the upcoming offseason. There is a high likelihood of a minor reload, or even a potential full rebuild around Justin Herbert, and we chose questions around two positions with major question marks heading into the offseason.

The first question relates to the Chargers current draft position, and some key prospects that might be available at that spot. Many of us would like to see the Chargers trade down to add additional draft “swings.” If the Chargers elect to bring in a new general manager, is there a prospect you’d prefer they draft instead of trading down?

The second question focuses on the running back position. The Chargers need to add at least two backs to the roster, or they could wipe the slate completely clean and start over. It’s unlikely all of the additions will be rookies, so which value-based vet would you add as part of a serviceable committee?

Finally, our last question was basically a question from the last offseason that went unanswered. The tight end room is one of the Chargers’ thinnest groups, and the only serviceable starter is set to leave in 2024. Which path would you take to upgrading the room next year?

Answer the questions below, and I’ll be back with the results in a couple of days!

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