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Chargers Daily Links: Bolts would have 9th pick in NFL Draft if the season ended today

The Chargers broke through to a top-ten pick projection, but with New England on deck, that’s hopefully a one-week trend

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Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Good morning, Bolts From the Blue.

We had another really, really rough one last night.

Going into this season, I assumed the realistic floor for this team was at least a record of 9-8. There’s just simply too much talent on either side of the ball to not end the season with a winning record, even if it wasn’t enough to slip you into the playoffs.

The upside - given all that talent - was certainly there! The Chargers were pushing their chips in to win NOW, and despite the concerns for what this could mean for the franchise’s immediate future, at least we’d have a killer on-field product for this 2023 push.

Well, the Chargers pushed a little too hard, and have ended up falling flat on their face. While I’m still cheering for them to win every week, a small silver lining can be found in our current draft position. If the season ended today, the Chargers would be picking ninth in the 2024 Draft. This is looking like an extremely promising draft, and the thought of landing a top-ten pick is decent consolation for the pain we’ve endured this season.

However, we’re on to New England this week. Although we weren’t expecting a “W” against the Ravens, this is as beatable of a Patriots team as we have ever seen. Bill Belichick has often found ways to have some of his best games against us, but it’s hard to image his struggling offense outscoring Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen next week.

And now, for today’s daily links:

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NFL News:

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