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Chargers-Ravens Final Score: 20-10

Chargers drop their third straight game, and possibly their season, in a loss to the Ravens

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Is it appropriate to demand a general manager to take a postgame presser after a regular season loss?

A significant portion of the Chargers fan base begged for Zay Flowers to be Tom Telesco’s selection at pick 21 in the 2023 NFL Draft. Instead, Telesco went with Quentin Johnston, a player with electric after-the-catch ability but questionable hands and route running.

Fans were perplexed, as Johnston didn’t really bring a unique talent or skillset to the Bolts’ roster. He was built in a similar mold to Mike Williams, but without Mike’s greatest asset - his contested catch ability. The thought of an exciting and explosive speed threat like Zay Flowers seemed like the best way to add a home-run wrinkle to this offense - if the team didn’t want to address the tight end position with their first pick.

Here we are, losing to the team that selected Zay Flowers shortly after us. Flowers added two touchdowns to his already impressive rookie campaign. That’s twice as many touchdowns as Quentin Johnston has managed all season.

The Chargers defense held up for much of the game, with the offense being the unit that failed to show up and produce.

Here’s to what’s bound to be another interesting presser. It’s a shame the general manager won’t be there to answer for what’s been an awful season marked by extremely questionable personnel decisions.