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Chargers-Packers Final Score: 20-23

Chargers continue to struggle, fall to 4-6.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Green Bay Packers Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers put up another disappointing performance in Green Bay on Sunday, falling to 4-6 with a 20-23 loss to the Packers.

The game was marred by offensive miscues, including multiple drops from Keenan Allen, and goal line stumble and fumble by Austin Ekeler, and a missed opportunity to steal the lead on a final drive go-route to Quentin Johnston.

The defense once again looked lost, allowing completion after completion underneath their soft off-the-line coverage. After reports came out that Derwin James Jr. would be moved to the slot/star position this game, there was hope that Staley had finally decided to make schematic changes that could finally get this defense playing to its potential. Instead, we saw the same cushions at the line, with receivers and tight ends running freely underneath and sometimes over the coverage.

Brandon Staley’s seat continues to heat up... expect a testy postgame press conference.