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TOUCHDOWN! Stone Smartt scores first career touchdown

Stone Smartt gets to pay dirt for the first time in his career

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

It’s always great to see a player get a milestone achievement, and it’s particularly special watching a young player get the first touchdown of his career. We’ve had the pleasure of such moments two weeks in a row, with Quentin Johnston scoring his first touchdown last week, and tight end Stone Smartt snagging a 51 yard catch-and-run pass this week.

Stone Smart has been a reserve player the coaching staff has been high on developing for the past two seasons. He signed as an undrafted free agent after the 2022 draft, transitioning from his old quarterback position to try his hand at tight end for the Bolts. It’s been a process, with Smartt only being activated for 7 games and seeing five total targets in 2022 and six targets thus far this year. However, with Gerald Everett injured and the Chargers featuring one of the weaker tight end rooms in the league, Smartt developing into a serviceable player would be a huge boon for this offense.