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Chargers Daily Links: Daniel Popper is providing the accountability the Chargers need

Your source for all Chargers and NFL news from around the web. Daniel Popper dropped another great article detailing the schematic deficiencies in the Lions loss

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Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Good Morning, Bolts From the Blue.

After every loss, head coaches have another challenging matchup before they’re able to close the chapter on the week. There’s a game within the game that must be played as they stand behind their team’s podium and face off against the local media and beat reporters.

Victory for the coach is measured by his success in hiding behind “coach speak:” his generic statements about practice, work ethic, preparation, and how the season is still in front of them, all while maintaining composure at the podium.

The media considers the day a win if they are able to break through the coach’s defenses and get him to spill out some truths or statements he may not have intended. Fans want to hear a coach take personal accountability, and make changes in areas of weakness, but it’s rare for the media to pull this out of a coach.

Daniel Popper has been on fire in press conferences lately. He is widely considered one of the - if not the sole - best beat reporters covering the Chargers. He has been supportive and complimentary in the past, but throughout the season he’s been the media member willing to push back against Brandon Staley’s generic statements. The responses he’s gotten have shown some insights into Staley’s perception, and it’s extremely concerning hearing where Staley feels the problems lie with his defense.

This has been going on throughout the whole season. This is a clip from the Dolphins loss, where Popper asked why the healthy pass rush tandem of Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack weren’t able to get to the quarterback in Week One.

Staley continued this rhetoric in Week 10, deflecting responsibility for his scheme enabling quick passes and claiming the offense is just designed to get the ball out quick.

That offensive design still allowed five sacks against Baltimore, three against Tampa Bay, two against the Panthers, Green Bay, and Seattle, and one against Kansas City and Las Vegas. The only other team to be held sackless against the Lions all season is the Atlanta Falcons.

When Popper asked if the Lions’ offensive onslaught had anything to do with his scheme and play calling, Staley’s once again deflected:

“It’s the execution of the technique and the fundamentals. Those are within our control, and we just need to do a better job of executing our assignment and our technique. If it was a scheme-related error, you would see us make adjustments that way.”

Popper does a great job in his article below breaking down how schematically, Staley was flat out beaten by Ben Johnson.

And now, for today’s daily links:

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