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Chargers Reacts Week 11: What happens to the defense if Brandon Staley were fired midseason

The seat isn’t getting any colder, and #firestaley continues to trend. What direction will the defense go if Telesco moves on from Staley?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

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After another disappointing loss, this time to a serious up-and-coming contender in the Detroit Lions, the hard questions are resurfacing. Brandon Staley’s defensive unit grossly underperformed, allowed 41 points to the Lions. The only team to allow more points to the Lions were the Carolina Panthers, a team in competition for the worst record in the league.

Today, we ask what you think would happen in the short term if Brandon Staley were to receive his walking papers early. Would the defense actually start gelling and playing better with a more open-minded approach to scheming, or a simplification of the defense? What sort of impact would a victory in Green Bay have on your confidence in the Chargers? If Staley were to be let go, which coach would you hire to replace him?