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Chargers Daily Links: Bolts’ defense wastes another Justin Herbert masterclass

Your source for all Chargers and NFL news from around the web. Fans have Brandon Staley on the hot seat once again as the Chargers fail defensively in their game against the Lions

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a painful one, Bolts From the Blue.

“In the NFL, you can’t allow the run game to get going, because that’s what sets up the play action, it sets up - you gotta defend the screens, play action, everything.”

Derwin James Jr. took media questions after the loss, and once again expressed disappointment with how the defense operated. Derwin started the interview highlighting the importance of stopping the run, a concept that Brandon Staley deprioritizes in favor of flooding passing lanes with extra defensive backs. Although Brandon Staley has repeatedly reminded the media of the run defense’s statistical improvements from where it was in his first two years - it continues to fall apart against strong opponents and offenses.

An aggravated Staley defended his scheme in the postgame conference. When asked if it’s fair to assume adjustments to his scheme and defensive philosophy are needed to correct the same weaknesses that have plagued the Chargers since his arrival, he stated:

“Well we made a lot of improvements in our run game, we’re a top-six run defense coming into this game. Played plenty of good backs to back it up, plenty of good backs. We’ve improved on third down, our sack numbers have improved, our red zone numbers have improved, the passing game has been something that hasn’t been good enough, and we’re a work in progress in that area.”

What Staley didn’t address is why the run defense continues to let the Chargers down when they need it most, and how receivers continue to run free in his defensive backfield.

And now, for today’s daily links:

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