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Lions-Chargers Final Score: 41-38

Chargers lose another win, dropping below .500 once again.

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Chargers defense has regressed to the mean once again, allowing the Detroit Lions to almost match their season-high point total of 42. The team that allowed them to score that many points was none other than the last-placed team in the league, the Carolina Panthers.

The silver lining was the offense returning back to life, which begs the question: when will we see this team operate as a cohesive unit, playing complimentary football and winning in all three phases against teams with winning records?

The offense played inspired, but of the ten drives before the game-winning Lions’ field goal, all but one ended in a touchdown! The defense couldn’t get the Lions off the field to save their lives, despite a Herculean effort by Justin Herbert and Keenan Allen.

While the season isn’t over, this is another troubling case of the Chargers dropping games against talented teams. The team is still searching for a statement win it can hang it’s hat on.