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Chargers open as 3-point favorites in their matchup with the struggling Packers

The Chargers open as the field goal favorites over the Packers for their Week 11 game at Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The Chargers were on a roll entering their Week 10 game against the Detroit Lions, they had beaten two questionable teams in a row but wins are wins and they came at a time when this team really needed them. Staley’s defense had found a rhythm especially their pass rush which leads the league in sacks right now. Justin Herbert and the offense have struggled in these wins though, they have done enough to get the wins but the poor running game hasn’t shown up at all. This lack of balance could hurt the Bolts going forwards.

Their opponents for this week are the Green Bay Packers who are in dire form losing five of their last six with their offense failing to score more than 24 points since Week 1. Jordan Love and Matt LaFleur have failed to get any kind of consistency on offense with a rotating set of weapons none of which have shown enough to excite the cheesehead fans for the remainder of the season or beyond. Their defense has shown promise though and it could do enough to keep this coaching staff together for another go round next season.

Justin Herbert and Jordan Love were the last two high profile quarterbacks on the board when the Chargers were on the clock in the first round of 2020, many Bolts’ fans including myself wanted this decision to go the other way and boy are we glad it didn’t. Jordan Love was given an odd single year contract extension that essentially boils down to being a ‘prove it’ deal and so far it looks like he is not doing enough to be part of the rebuild following Aaron Rodgers’ departure.

Week 11 Opening Odds

The DraftKings Sportsbook oddsmakers have opened their books with the Bolts as a field goal favorite and as much as odds fluctuate over the course of a week, this seems like a fair margin as both offenses haven’t shown much to grow a lead and both defenses are doing well to keep their teammates in the game.

What do you think, Bolts From the Blue? What bets would you place on this game?