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Charger fans are slowly but surely gaining confidence after Bolts reach .500

After notching their second consecutive win, the life is slowly coming back to the Charger fan base in time for the Week Five bye.

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

When the Chargers lost to the Dolphins in Week One, our weekly confidence poll started out in the basement. At the time, only about 25 percent of those we surveyed were confident in the direction the Chargers were headed.

A week later, they might as well have started digging a hole through the center of the Earth with the way confidence from fans descended following their Week Two loss to the Titans. At that point, everyone knew the statistics in regards to 0-2 teams making the playoffs. Per TruMedia, it was roughly 9.5 percent.

But the Chargers turned it around!

With two games left before their Week Five bye, the Chargers beat both the Vikings and Raiders to get to 2-2. The win against the Vikings put fan confidence back to where it was after Week One but the win over the Raiders saw it increase slightly up to 37 percent this week.

That’s still pretty bad, but I don’t blame the fans. There’s a tough gauntlet coming up for the Bolts and I don’t many believe the Chargers come out the other end looking pretty with back-to-back games against the Cowboys and Chiefs.

Confidence still in the end. For the entire chart of this season’s confidence results, check it out below.